Ceppo Nuovo

Ceppo Nuovo – native to Italy’s capital of fashion Sun in zenith, the aroma of coffee wafting through the air, atmosphere teeming with art, fashion and design. Full of class and elegance, but not without energy and temperament. Echoes of history are felt everywhere, a history that becomes the captivating backdrop for modernity. Full of contrasts, therefore coherent, chill at times, but bathed in the warm southern rays – this Italian capital of beauty – Milan manages to amaze and awe at every step. It was this beauty that inspired the creation of the Ceppo Nuovo – a collection that meticulously reflects the beauty of Italian bedrock. Four stunning colors, an assortment of formats, one excellence – today, you too can feel like an artist. Design, create, strut on it as if you were on a catwalk and invite into your home a touch of the Milan style. Non c’e di che!

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