Perfection epitomized in marble Thassos – A light breeze, clear blue skies and a sea the color of which is indescribable. The time here flows slower and the mind saturated with the fresh air absorbs the Mediterranean climate and detects that, which at the first glance is inconspicuous. Thassos – the pearl in Greece’s crown became the inspiration for the collection. Elegance, that doesn’t overwhelm but instead makes the interior feel airy and ethereal? Singular color, myriad of formats, indisputable wonderment and awe. Parakalo! Morocco – shrouded in mystery. Through the mesmerizing, sandy deserts of the Sahara and the bewitching cedar forests of the Middle Atlas, to the spellbinding coastal lagoons. This magical land of the setting sun invites you to come on a fantastic journey brimming with the Orient, accompanied by an aromatic glass of “” thé à la menthe” in your hand. Inspired by this captivating land, the collection is just like the Sahara, shrouded in mystery by day, whilst at night unveiling itself to us in the moonlight. You can lose yourself in it, escape, discover its different faces for years to come. Mysterious, curious, contrasting, with a mystical aura just like the culture of Morocco.

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